Supply systems

Mechanical seals with elastomeric bellow

Supply systems

​Increased requirements concerning environment protection or safety require complexe sealing systems, which normally include two seals. Between these seals a barrier fluid is introduced, which avoids or delays the free emission of the sealed medium to the atmosphere. This barrier fluid has to be stored in a vessel and its status has to be controlled. Therefore different barrier fluid vessels and control devices are available, which may be configurated according to the wish of the customer.​


Thermo siphon vessel S2H0-1340

Max. 40 bar

Max. 200° C

​13 litre

Hand pump HP-20

2 litre

16 bar

Up to 120° C

Float switch S S-40

With/without ex-protection

Temperature gauge TI-100

0... 160° C

100 mm

Pressure gauge PI-100

With/without ex-protection

Quench fluid vessel QB-02

2 litre

Up to 120° C

Buffer fluid system SDA-16-30-100

Max. 25 bar

Reservoir 100 l

Max. 80° C

Tubular heat exchanger DN80

Pressure Controller

API Plan 53

Pumping device for mechanical seals