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Reconditioning of mechanical seals

Mechanical seals are subject to wear caused by their operating principle. The amount of damage essentially depends on the individual operating conditions. In many cases mechanical seals may be reconditioned by professional work into a condition as good as new.

Due to prior damage analysis unfavourable operating conditions will be recognized. On request qualified modifications on the seal may be recommended to extend the operating life time.


Analysis of damage

Condition of the seal faces

Uniformity of wear of pattern

Wear tracks

Formation of cracks


Breakouts at the corners

Chemical attack of material

Condition of secondary seals


Wear tracks

Formation of tracks

Chemical attack of material

Condition of positive drive

Wear tracks


Cracks of brekouts

General condition

Wear tracks on seal faces for secondary seals

Chemical attack of material

Carry out of reconditioning

Cleaning of all parts which are used again
Polishing of all sealing surfaces for secondary seals
Relapping of seal faces or replacement by new parts
Replacement by new parts

All secondary seals

Elastomeric bellows

Springs (with small dimensions)

Other parts if necessary


General hints

METAX will carry out repair services for any type of seal independent of the manufacturer. For complete cartridge seals an assembly drawing should be included if possible.

To make a complete analysis of damage all operating parameters should be available. Delivery of complete new seal if ofren more economic on small sizes.

Reconditioning is only possible when receiving all parts. Chemical neutralization, if necessary, should be carried out prior to shipment. Packing should be carried out carefully. Especially seal faces should be protected against mechanical shock loads.