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For more than 30 years METAX is a successful sealing partner for any number of industrial sectors. Our wide range of seals includes simple sealing elements as well as complex sealing systems for sophisticated applications. Our core competence is the selection, design and development of rotating sealing arrangements (mechanical seals, rotary joints or radial lip seal systems) adapted to the specific customer requirement as a single piece or for a series production. Our second range of products includes the delivery of all-steel membrane couplings as standard or special design for various cases of Operation.

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Mechanical seals

The use of an elastomeric bellow as a secondary seal to the shaft has several advantages for the design of a mechanical seal. Thereby the bellow acts as a complex central component part, which also performs other tasks besides its sealing function.

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Rotary joints

Where media of a gaseous or fluid nature are fed into a rotating machine component rotary joints make for a reliable sealant, thus protecting the environment even in the case of high-pressures or high-temperatures.

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Lip seal systems

Perfectly adapted lip seal systems are an alternative to mechanical seals, packages and standard lip seals. Thereby the mentioned operating limits depend on the particular operating conditions.

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